Ankle Bracelets are Sexy

Jewelry has been around for a long time. Jewelry goes with fashion well. Jewelry goes with fashion as well as peanut butter goes with jelly. There are many kinds of jewelry that women wear. Women wear jewelry for both business and pleasure. Women often wear both rings and earrings on a daily basis. They also wear bracelets and pins with their business suits and dresses. In addition, it could be the case that women might wear ankle bracelets to show off their sexy side. It seems to also be the case that ankle bracelets were popular for a bit. Then, they became bad fashion statement. However, ankle bracelets seem to be making a fashion comeback. This makes sense because ankle bracelets are sexy. Let’s talk about the history of this fashionable jewelry piece.

Sexy Anklets

Ankle bracelets are also called anklets or ankle chains. They are ornaments that are worn around the ankle. Did you know that barefoot anklets and toe rings have historically have been worn for centuries? It might also be interesting to note that girls and women have worn anklets in both Egypt and the Arab world. This might be a bit surprising because the dress code in the Arab world is a bit strict. It seems as if in the Arab world that sexiness would be forbidden. This is because ankle bracelets are sexy. In addition to Arab women and girls wearing ankle chains, ankle chains are also worn by both girls and women in India and in the United States. Moreover, it is most likely the case that ankle chains are worn by both girls and women all over the world in countries such as France, Germany, Russia, Austria, and Australia.

In fact, here is an interesting bit of knowledge regarding India and ankle bracelets. In India, anklet bracelets are worn on both ankles. This practice of wearing anklets on both ankles could be difficult; however it might be a very strong fashion statement. However, it is the case that outside of India, ankle chains are worn on the right ankle. This is probably due to the fact that most people are right handed. Ankle bracelets are also used as ornaments. Let’s discuss this now.

Did you know that ankle chains can be made of gold, silver, or bronze? They are also made out of leather and nylon. Another interesting tidbit is that in the Western world, anklets or ankle chains are mainly worn by younger girls. It might be nice knowing that there are two kinds of metal ankle bracelets. The two kinds of metal ankle chains are flexible and inflexible ankle chains. Did you know that bells can be added to this type of jewelry to make a pleasant sound while you are walking? Moreover, ankle bracelets have been worn by scuba divers in order to stop their legs from floating up when diving in a dry suit, as opposed to diving in a wetsuit. This jewelry information should leave little doubt that ankle bracelets are sexy.