Bead Jewelry Designs – How to Incorporate the Latest Designs into your Wardrobe

Making jewelry at home is a hobby that has taken off in recent years, because it is something that the whole family can do together, or can bring friends together at theme parties. Beading is one of the easiest ways to craft jewelry, but it is also preferable to other types of jewelry design because it allows for such a wide range of end style possibilities. For example, bead jewelry designs could include anything from a delicate locket to a wild and multicolored necklace or headdress. Really, when you are making your own jewelry, you can incorporate any ideas that you have and find the right bead for the job.

Beaded Jewelry Designs

Before you get started with designing your own beaded jewelry, you’ll want to bring together the right supplies. That includes the beads themselves, but it can also be helpful to first sketch out a rough design using colored pencils and graph paper. Play with different color combinations to find one that you think that you will actually wear. For inspiration, it can be a good idea to first go through your wardrobe, and think about what types of accessories will best bring out your own personality.

If you or the person you are giving jewelry to is more conservative in their choice of style, it’s probably a better idea to choose more muted or classic tones for your bead jewelry designs, such as gold or silver beaded jewelry. If you want to use the jewelry as a way to branch out in your wardrobe, on the other hand, you might want to think about finding more colorful options, however. Paper, clay, or ceramic are all fun options that give a more interesting texture to the finished work.

Beaded Jewelry Ideas

Another factor to consider when you are looking at the different bead jewelry designs that are out there on the market today is the style of draping. A decade ago, most necklaces were made in a choker design, so that they rode high on the collarbone. However, now it is more common to see longer, chunky necklaces with large beads that can be looped several times. The best type of style for you will depend on the type of top that you usually wear. Lower cut tops that show off your neckline could benefit from the lighter draping, while form fitting tops might benefit more from heavy, looped jewelry that serves as a statement piece.