Sapphire Jewelry – Fiery Blue is the in Thing

Sapphire, the name spells fire and stands for gemstones that are popular for their clarity and variety. Sapphire jewelry has been an obsession for ages for jewel collectors for its vigor. The stones symbolize heaven in many traditions and it renders sophistication to the owner. Sapphire jewelry form an essential part of special occasions like engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Sapphire rings have been witnesses to the occasions wherein two individuals vow their love for each other, such is its magic. Sapphire jewelry was trendy during the middle ages. The magic of the stone has made many a fastidious people, seek it to add to the style quotient even now.

Blue Sapphire Hoop Earrings

Stupendous variety, vividness and vigor is the essence if the sapphire stones. Normally people associate sapphire to blue gemstones but they are found in various colors and tones that are inclusive of orange, purple, blue, green, and pink hues. This is the birthstone for those born in the month of September. Burma, Kashmir, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Montana in the U.S are considered to be major sources of these precious gemstones. Clarity of the Sapphire stones determines their value. The richness of the stones is enhanced by heat treating methods that deepen their color and clarify the stones. Sapphire jewelry has been the priced possessions of many from time immemorial.

Sapphire Cross

Sapphire is next to diamonds with respect to hardness. Color, cut, carat and clarity are integral parts of a Sapphire that is set in Sapphire jewelry. Sapphire is split and cut for using them in Sapphire jewelry despite their hardness. Cornflower blue is the most popular and desired hue among Sapphire gemstones. Iron and Titanium are used as coloring agents in blue sapphire. Light and heat do not make the colors of the sapphire unstable.

Diamond Blue Sapphire Ring

Sapphire jewelry is exquisite and sapphire is most commonly used in rings. They are used in weddings rings and rings that are gifted to the most loved ones on special occasions like anniversary, etc. Sapphire pendants, sapphire bracelets, sapphire necklaces are very poplar among women. Sapphire jewelry with hints of diamonds enhances an ensemble of any kind. Sapphire jewelry in platinum and yellow gold can enthrall a beholder and bring out the aesthete in any stoic.

For ages, Sapphire has stood for “heaven”, giver of innocence, truth and health. Above all, Sapphire jewelry is worn for its brilliance. A few essential characteristics of sapphire ensure its quality. Color, clarity, saturation or color purity, vividness, cut and size decides the value of sapphire stones. The intensity and the tone of a Sapphire stone can be influenced by the way it has been cut. The innate beauty of a sapphire can be completed brought to the fore by a crafty gem cutter. A careless cut on the stone can result in the reduction of the clarity and saturation. A shallow cut or a deep cut can alter the depth of the color.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Though Sapphire jewelry has been immensely popular, Sapphire rings are very popular from the middle ages. It has been an integral part of the royalty and the late “Lady Di” possessed a sapphire engagement ring. Sapphire bracelets and pendants also stand out for their elegance and shine. Sapphire earrings that originated in the Middle East are an inextricable part of the Sapphire jewelry worn by women around the globe. They give a snazzy, sophisticated and elegant look.



  1. Bajun
    Posted December 4, 2008 at 12:25 pm |

    You should have mentioned that sapphire can be any color, except for the red one. When the gem is red, it’s called ruby.

  2. Manahara
    Posted December 7, 2009 at 9:45 pm |

    I am a gem exporter in Sri Lanka. I do have Sri Lanka sapphires. I can supply them as you need.