The Many Designs & Styles Of Large Gold Crosses

There are many different styles of large gold crosses in the jewelry market world today. Each is unique to the craftsman that designed them and some have significant meanings and history attached to them as well. All of the regular or large gold crosses have some kind of religious meaning to them. They are signs of our faith and belief in the religious rights. They are symbols of hope for us as well as others who see it or hold it. It is a sign to remember that someone above loves and cares for us and is there to listen to our prayers and answer them whenever possible.

White Gold Large Diamond Cross Pendant

Religion is something almost all of us in one way or another hold very dear in our lives. There are so many branches of religions out in the world today, but they all have the commonality of believing in a Lord above. A beautiful and tasteful way to show your faith and belief in the Lord is by wearing an elegant designed large gold crosses. Let everyone see that the Lord has a place within your life. It is also a reminder to you that when things seem dim, there is always a light of faith and hope from above.

Dazzling diamond large gold crosses are made with the best of quality diamonds and content of gold. Detailed craftsmanship is included within every piece and the settings will hold strong and sturdy for many years to come. These are of the classic cross designs with rows of diamonds covering their surfaces in either yellow or white gold with 18 inch length chain included to match.

Large Gold Onyx Cross

A wonderful and manly gift for the love of your life, especially if he is or has ever served in the Navy or the Marines would be one of the anchor large gold crosses. These are intricately detailed and show the pride in their service to their country as well as the faith and belief in their Lord. These have a cross with the Lord Jesus on them and a beautiful crafted anchor designed around it making it a part of the cross itself. This integrates both into one.

Other large gold crosses that are vastly popular are made of white gold or yellow gold and contain rows of gemstones such as, tiger’s eye, rubies, emeralds, pearls, citrine, sapphires, topaz and amethyst, even onyx can be used. These can be made to fit your tastes as well.

Some really vintage looking large gold crosses consists of white gold and is then inlayed with mother of pearl or small tiny pearls over the surface area. These are truly elegant and classic with a bit of the here and now styles we are seeing more of in the fashion and the jewelry worlds today.

Gold Large Cross

A great wedding gift for brides to be, would be large gold crosses in either white or yellow gold with her birthstone and her future husbands birthstone within them and the date of their marriage engraved onto the back. She could then add birthstones of her children onto the large gold crosses and hand down this beautiful heirloom through many generations to come. What better gift than a true sign of faith and love than this for a couple starting out their lives anew.

The concept above could also be used as a great gift for mothers to be as well. Large gold crosses with plenty of room for birthstone additions would be something the mother to be and the child later on would love to have in their family. Each babies birthstone added as the family expands.


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    I see that cross pendents are becoming popular once again, there are some lovely ones in the photo’s above.