Exploring Different Bead Jewelry Ideas

If you have decided to try making some bead jewelry, and you do not know where to begin, then you might want to start working on a simple pair of earrings. A small earring can not hold a great many beads. Therefore, it can be completed in a fairly short amount of time. Of course, if you are not the sort of person who wears earrings on a regular basis, then few people will see and comment on your artistry.

Bead Jewelry Ideas

In order to facilitate the display of your finished work, you must make sure that you look for those bead jewelry ideas that come from people with habits and tastes similar to yours. If you do not think that you would ever want to walk around with a beaded anklet on one leg, then you should not spend time making such an item.

If you are going to devote time to placing beads on a string or a ring, then you should make an item that you are sure to wear.

At this point, the reader of this article may have eliminated two bead jewelry ideas—the idea of completing a pair of earrings and the idea of working on a beaded anklet. The elimination of those two possibilities does not do away with the varied approaches that one can take to the crafting of bead jewelry. The elimination of those two options does not rule out the exploration of other ideas.

New Bead Jewelry Ideas

Beads can be placed on a string, one that will become either a bracelet or a necklace. They can be glued onto an elastic band, transforming an unattractive band to an eye-appealing bracelet. An elastic bracelet will fit just about any arm.

Beads used on a necklace do not have to cover the entire length of that item. They can be used to make a pendant, one that hangs at the end of a necklace. A lover of both beads and necklaces would probably want to give a nod to both bead jewelry ideas – both those that call for placing bead-like pieces on an entire string and those that demand only creation of a simple pendant.

Finally, while this article focuses on jewelry making, it can not overlook other ways for using bead-like structures in a craft project. Those shiny, colorful balls can dress up a simple card. A bride might want to use them on the seating cards at her wedding reception. A clever mother might find a way to use a collection of bead-like items (check out here) on the front cover of a child’s book report.

In fact, a line of round beads would seem like the perfect way to highlight an image of the “item of interest” in whatever book is the focus of the child’s report. That item might be a food, a piece of clothing, a toy, a type of sports equipment or some other relevant article. Whatever the report writer has chosen, the shiny objects glued to the paper would help to make it part of a distinctive and memorable cover.

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