Miraculous Medals Are Religious

What do people think of when they think of miracles? It is possible that the image that comes to mind when people think of miracles is the image of Moses parting the Red Sea. It is the case there are many cases of miracles in the Bible. In addition, it is probable that Moses could have gotten a miraculous medal for his action of parting the Red Sea. However, it seems that today medals are used for sporting events such as the Olympics. These medals are gold, silver, and bronze. People might wonder what Moses would have looked like with a gold medal around his neck. However, miraculous medals don’t have ribbons around them. This is because miraculous medals are religious.

Sterling Catholic Medal

There are many medals in the world. There are Olympic medals that are won by athletes in the winter or fall every two years. People seem to love watching gymnastics and figure skating as they applaud the many medal winners at the Olympic Games. In addition, the crème de la crème of scientists, artists, religious leaders, authors, and political leaders are awarded Nobel Prizes every year. They are awarded money and a medal. This medal isn’t a miraculous medal. However, they might think that it was a miracle that they won the Nobel Prize in the first place. Yes, winning a Nobel Prize is a hard thing to do; but winning it is a result of hard work, not a miracle. The medal for the Nobel Prize has nothing to do with miracles. This is because miraculous medals are religious. Let’s discuss a miraculous medal that is religious.

Antique religious medal

Did you know that the Miraculous Medal is also known as the Medal of Immaculate Conception? This religious medal is a medal created by Saint Catherine Laboure. She created it because she saw a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It might be interesting to know that both some Catholic Christians and non- Catholic wear the Miraculous Medal because they believe that it will bring them special graces through the intercession with of Mary. It is essential that the religious medal must be worn with both faith and devotion on their deathbed. It is also important to know that such an item of devotion isn’t a charm. Therefore, it shouldn’t be viewed as magical. This religious medal is only to be seen, and to serve as a constant physical reminder of one’s faith and devotion to God and Jesus.

Miraculous religious medal

Did you also know that the chapel where Saint experienced her visions is located in Paris France. This might make perfect sense because many great culinary, artistic discoveries are started in Paris France. In addition, this chapel gets daily visits from Catholic pilgrims today. Another exciting tidbit about the medal involves Pope John Paul II. Pope John Paul II used a variation of the image of the Miraculous Medal as his coat of arms. The coat of arms had an M and a cross it. This is because he knew that Miraculous Medals are religious.