Anniversary Rings – Emblem to Redeem Pledge of Love


Are you going to celebrate your marriage anniversary in the next month and are yet to decide about the gift? Too scared to think about your wife’s reaction? Take my advice and go for the anniversary rings. Amazed while thinking about the anniversary rings at this age? Well, there is nothing to laugh! There are many who are trying to retrieve their lost romances and they are also taking the help of these anniversary rings! Now, it doesn’t matter which type of rings you are going to select. Whether it will be of diamond, or gold or even silver depends upon you, but be aware of the fact that the message of love and all its emotions should be engraved on it.

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anniversary rings on general are given between married couples on their wedding date after some years of the event. Now what do these anniversary rings signify? These are nothing, but the emblems of the pledge of their love! Through the exchanges of these anniversary rings he couples reaffirm their commitment and affection for one another and their determination to make the marriage work. Well there are also instances when some of these very special rings are rendered to workers on the anniversary of their first day on the job or their big anniversaries of being on the job, such as ten, twenty or fifty years.

Sterling Silver Anniversary Ring

What types of metals are used in general for the making of these anniversary rings? To be very precise, these rings can be made of just about any kind of metal, although the more popular types of metals include gold, diamond, silver, platinum, titanium and steel. Often it is found that these rings are made to look very similar to wedding rings, but as an anniversary present they can also be more elaborate and informal.

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Turquoise Jewelry – Mystical and Enchanting


Turquoise jewelry is coveted for its beauty, charm and mystical powers. The stone has been used for centuries for various purposes. Turquoise jewelry makes any outfit snazzy and sleek. The necklaces, leather belts, hoop, bracelets in the stone can render a rare brilliance to anybody who owns it. Though fake and reconstituted turquoise is all available in the market the real thing is distinguished from the unreal with its brilliance. It is like wearing a piece of sky. Turquoise is believed to bestow upon its possessors luck and happiness. It is used in traditional spiritual religious rituals in many cultures. The enigma of turquoise has been continuing for ages and the beauty of the unique stone is timeless.

White Gold Turquoise Earrings

Those born in the month of December have turquoise stones as their birthstone. Turquoise stones are often associated with mystical powers. Turquoise is mined in countries like the United States, China and Tibet. Turquoise jewelry has been worn for ages and people believe that the stone brings luck. Popular belief states that turquoise jewelry brings wealth and is vital for love and happiness. The ancient Persians went to the extent of believing that it protects men from death. Many cultures believed that even the slightest change in the hue of the stone might not augur well for the owner of the turquoise jewelry. Turquoise also is an integral part of rituals in Tibetan and Native American spiritual ceremonies. Turquoise jewelry enhances spirituality and kindness, according to many cultures.

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Fancy Rings for All Occasions


The trend in jewels changes with each withering year. Fancy rings are the result of man’s desire to innovate jewels to suit his contemporary taste. Fancy rings are available in different shapes, patterns, designs and are made of an array of metals. Colored gemstones in rings are an obsession as they match every outfit and can enrich an ensemble of any kind. White gold, yellow gold, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, etc, are used to make rings. Fancy rings are made of all these materials but in a different pattern hitherto not conceived by people. Fancy rings stand as a testimony for changing tastes and creativity of jewelers to suit the changing tastes.

White Gold Diamond Dolphin Ring

Rings are made of a variety of materials. Gemstones, colored stones, pearls are all set in rings. There are man kinds of rings like classic rings, diamond rings, platinum rings, pearl rings, gold rings, gemstone rings, etc. The creation of fancy rings has evolved from the need to be unique and different. Fancy rings sell like hot cakes in this fashionable era, wherein every style becomes faux pass after few months of its existence.

White Gold Interlocking Shank Ring

Fancy rings are found in contemporary designs that sit contemporary outfits. Fancy rings can be used for various occasions. Fancy rings set in different and distinct pattern gives that chic look to anybody. In the creation of fancy rings, 10k, 14k and 18k gold is used. White gold has become popular among fashion aficionados. Yellow gold still manages to find takers with its glossy appearance. Platinum jewelry is considered to be trendy in all ages. For centuries diamond jewelry has attained a coveted position in the hearts of the fastidious and stylish people.

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Choosing Just The Right Initial Jewelry

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One type of jewelry that is hot in today’s fashion world is initial jewelry. As it implies, initial jewelry is jewelry that in one way or another shows the initial of your name. The most popular type of initial jewelry is a necklace or bracelet that has a hanging pendent of your initial. Other trendy varieties are anklets and jewelry with the initials flush against the piece as opposed to hanging as a pendant. The pendant that you choose can range from as simple as a colored plastic one to as glamorous as a sparkling diamond one. Find out how to choose a piece that suits your personality.

Gold Angel Initial A Pendant

Initial jewelry is all the rage and people are scooping them up almost as fast as they can be crafted. Wearing your initial makes the piece more personal; in addition one surprising aspect that has developed from this trend is that it makes for a great conversation starter! Seeing a sparkling letter, many will ask what the letter stands for. One type of initial jewelry is a letter, whether in gold, silver or platinum along with your birthstone. This type of piece is very popular in regard to gift giving as well.

If you are going to buy a piece in gold, you should know the basics of how gold initial jewelry will be rated. Gold is crafted into jewelry using either 24, 18, 16, 14, 12 or 10 karat gold. If you buy initial jewelry in 10 karat gold, you should be aware that many do not consider 10 karat to be “real” gold as the amount of gold will be very low. 24 karat gold is pure gold, any number lower than 24 means that another metal has been blended into the gold. One main reason that metal is added is because pure gold is very soft and usually not workable for jewelry. 18 karat gold is 75% gold and considered to be top quality in regards to initial jewelry and any other type: it is strong, durable and a good quality of pure gold will be in the piece.

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Colorful And Beautiful Enamel Pendants


Many times people prefer to invest in jewelry that is beautiful but not enamored with beautiful gem stones. For people that prefer a slightly simpler beauty there is enamel pendants and it is not just the simple beauty and the multitude of colors that turns people to enamel pendants it is the flexibility they offer. Many jewelry makers not only offer a large variety of enamel pendant designs but you can also find many jewelers that will make you customized enamel pendants that can create something that says a statement that is all yours at a cost that is a fraction of the cost of precious stones.

White Gold Enameled Flower Handbag Charm

The sale of enamel pendants has been somewhat misunderstood for a very long time now and many people dismiss enamel pendants as inexpensive replacements for expensive jewelry. The reality is that enamel pendants are one of the most versatile types of jewelry available and even though they do not ring up the same price tag as pendants made of precious gems they are still some very high quality pieces of jewelry. In many cases you will find jewelers that use very durable and expensive precious metals when they make their enamel pendants and that can make for some beautiful and expensive pieces. In many cases it is not gold that is used as the precious metal for enamel pendants but rather silver, stainless steel, or even platinum. When gold is used it is usually mixed with stainless steel as enamel seems to take very well to stainless steel. The contrast of the high gloss and color of enamel with the beauty and shine of stainless steel, silver, or platinum makes for some very beautiful and highly sought after pieces. Thanks to jewelers such as the world famous Zoppini brothers who use enamel to enhance their stainless steel jewelry it is becoming the height of fashion to use enamel pendants as an accessory to whatever you are wearing.

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Be Cautious in Gold Findings

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Man’s quest for valuable metals like gold, diamond, platinum is endless. They are being hunt for many reasons. While some go for using them in several experiments for the larger benefit of the human civilization for the majority this amounts to the accumulation of great wealth and property. For this almost in very age there has been the aspect of gold findings. Well, it will be difficult to say how far this individual approach dealing with jewelry findings has been able to produce result, but there is no doubt that they have opened some unforgettable chapters of history. This chronicle continues in the present age also, in spite of the spectacular advancement of technology and the introduction of Internet, since gold findings or treasure hunting is a great fun.

Diamond Rounded Polished Pearl Clasp

It is true that the saga of treasure hunting or gold findings is indeed an interesting activity and can be done by anybody, if the concerned individual is intelligent, and depends on his own physical competence. The word intelligence is applied here, since for gold findings it is essential to know where to look for gold, and what to do after finding the treasure. The words physical competence are applied since this activity demands a lot of energy and zeal to chive, for which the concerned persons may have to adopt several risks or even no risk at al! Therefore, at the outset it is essential to know what to look for. If you as the concerned person are engaged in hunting gold or gold findings, your first and foremost duty is to have an extensive research on the place where you intend to go. There is a necessity for you to know if there have been similar types of gold findings before by any other party or even geologists, representing the governments.

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Promo Chains to Continue for Years

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At several times we have found a number of young children to wear a chain and cross gleaming with what looks like diamond jewelry. Well, they are not diamonds, but their glittering often appears to us as astounding. They are in short called promo chains that have been made popular in the global spectrum by the internationally acclaimed rock groups, as well as the rock stars. In fact, they have become with the passage of years an intrinsic part of the hip hop culture, but in the recent years there is a sudden growth of promo chains, corresponding with the explosion of interest in the larger society over the jewelries of the Hip Hop culture.

Gold Chain

What is the most popular fashion of these days? It is very difficult to say. However, it will be better if the question is regarding the most popular fashion of today? In each and every respect, almost on each day our interests do change. In the same manner, the admirers of the hip-hop culture of all ages remain busy their rap idols in their adornment of the most flamboyant types of jewelry accessories. What is better there than the promo chains that are available also on cheap prices? But in this manner, it will not be wrong to ascertain that a whole new genre of style and design has been established as a result with its own language and boundaries.

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