Star Sapphire Rings For Women For Everyday Wear

Star sapphire rings for women are becoming a hot commodity for women who are searching for something different to wear. Their appearance is unlike any other gemstone, with a milky haze that makes the stone seem to glow from inside. Star sapphire rings for women are often mounted in gold and are fairly affordable jewelry to wear for everyday, as long as they are properly cared for.

Natural Burma Star Sapphire Ring

Star sapphires are not like traditional sapphire stones. These stones are often a milky blue color rather than clear, dark blue like their traditional sapphire counterparts. Star sapphire rings for women can also come in other colors besides blue, such as gray, green, and a rosy pink. They are known as star sapphires due to a starburst appearance that appears in the middle of the stone that looks like a twinkling star in the sky.

Natural star sapphire rings for women have slight variances in their appearance from ring to ring, even though a jeweler might use identical mountings for several rings. There is no way to control the appearance if the stone is a naturally existing star sapphire. For this reason, there has been a need for jewelers and scientists to create lab-based star sapphires. Lab based star sapphires are ideal for jewelry pieces where consistency are needed. This consistency is sometimes necessary in star sapphire rings for women that feature multiple stones.

Star sapphire rings for women have increased in popularity in the last few years, as women have searched for something different to wear on their hands that bucks the trendy increase in larger baubles, expensive colored diamonds, and traditional semiprecious stones. Star sapphires rings for women are not found on every hand, and for this reason many women that wear them find them highly appealing. They can be mounted in a variety of settings too, allowing for many combinations to please most any wearer.

Most star sapphires are mounted in yellow gold, and sometimes white gold as an alternative. Generally more expensive metals are not used because of the nature of the price of the stone itself. 14K is the standard, but sometimes a custom made piece can be made and a jeweler will use a different metal at the request of a customer. For pieces of jewelry where multiple stones are mounted and the cost is more considerable, this does not seem to be so unusual.

Most natural star sapphires are mined either in Burma, India, or Myanmar. There are various locations around the world where star sapphires can be found but these tend to be some of the most common locations.

As for the care of star sapphire rings, they can be easily damaged if the wearer does not take care of them. They should be cleaned regularly, and perhaps even inspected by a jeweler to make sure the prongs are secure so the stone does not come loose and become lost. It is possible to crack a star sapphire against a hard surface so in situations where the hands can come into contact with rough surfaces and trauma it might be best to not wear the ring. Careful care and cleaning will keep a star sapphire in good condition so it can be enjoyed for many years.

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  1. Jbeads
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    Star sapphire rings for women are often mounted in gold and are fairly affordable jewelry to wear for everyday. It is hot commodity of women just likes wear this types rings.

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    The blue star sapphire ring is awesome. I need details, such as price, quality, size and where I can buy it. Thanks

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    Wow! That Burma star sapphire positively glows! Where can you get that ring?

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