Designs Of Toe Rings Celebrities Have Inspired

Did you know that there are assortments of toe rings celebrities have inspired or created? Each is unique, hip and beautiful to be worn on the beaches, out shopping or on casual even formal affairs. Read on to find out more about these artistic toe rings celebrities have inspired or created. Designs can be crafted from 14-18 karat yellow gold, white gold and sterling silver as well as beads and plastic elasticized bands with different details included on them. Many celebrities you have seen wear these styles out at the clubs, on their vacations even out having a large day of therapy shopping. Some celebrities even wear them down the red carpet at events.

Gold Butterfly Toe Ring

Celebrities have placed their names onto perfumes, jeans, couture clothing, affordable clothing, purses, shoes and now jewelry. Toe rings celebrities have inspired are all over the stores to purchase. Some celebrities have toe rings created or inspired in trendy, hip styles, others choose more of the feminine or fun touches to the toe rings they wear or design.

Open Heart Toe Ring

Celebrities have toe rings with more of rocker chic to them and are worn or inspired by leading rock ladues such as, Britney, Pink, Cristina, Madonna and Mylie. These styles are full of rock and roll feeling and styles. The skull and cross bones toe rings are crafted in either 14 karat white gold or sterling silver and even give off a slight bad girl pirate vibe to them. You can add detailing like gems of ruby, sapphire, emerald or diamond to the skulls eyes for more of a contrast.

CZ Star Toe Ring

Another style in this category is made of black leather bands that fit around your toes and have studded detailing around the band in either silver studs or gems used as studs, harder rock ladies like Melissa, Cher, Jennifer and Lita done these at concerts from time to time.

More feminine designs of the toe rings celebrities have inspired are styled with a more classic or romantic design to them. The dainty flower shapes in roses, lilies, carnations, daffodils and irises are just a few. These have a very detailed flower attached to the bands in yellow or white gold and small intricate leaves on each side, then some also have the added luxury of a tiny small vine slightly flowing down your toe. You can also ask for a gem to placed in the center of the flower for more sparkle and shine. Celebrities have toe rings of this nature include, Jessica, Ashley, Mary-Kate, Nicole and Halle. These add a true touch of class to any outfit for any occasion.

Silver Turtle Toe RingRing

Celebrities have toe rings in cute designs as well. Jennifer, Courtney, Lauren, Rumor, Demi and Paris have all donned some similar toe rings as these listed. Crafted in yellow, white gold or sterling silver these are just as flirty as they are fun to wear and make you and your feet smile. Teddy bears, dolphins, unicorns, ladybugs, bees, turtles, fish, seahorses, frogs, cats, dogs, birds, flamingoes, flip flops, shells, beaded styles and bunnies are designs everyone whether young or older have grown up with and love.

Silver Butterfly Toe Ring

Toe rings celebrities have for clubbing and nights out on the town include cocktail designed toe rings, musical notes, guitars, microphones, neon flashing toe rings, glow in the dark styles, glow stick styles in an assortment of bright colors, birth signs, initials in gems or diamonds, hearts, favorite sports team logos and even playboy bunny like logos.

Gold Flower Toe Ring

When you are flipping through your next celebrity gossip or fashion magazine take a closer look at what they are wearing then look at those toe rings celebrities have on their feet for specific occasions and you’ll be sure to find one of your own liking on the internet or in stores to match closely. You to can feel just like a celebrity when out and about.