Turquoise Jewelry – Mystical and Enchanting

Turquoise jewelry is coveted for its beauty, charm and mystical powers. The stone has been used for centuries for various purposes. Turquoise jewelry makes any outfit snazzy and sleek. The necklaces, leather belts, hoop, bracelets in the stone can render a rare brilliance to anybody who owns it. Though fake and reconstituted turquoise is all available in the market the real thing is distinguished from the unreal with its brilliance. It is like wearing a piece of sky. Turquoise is believed to bestow upon its possessors luck and happiness. It is used in traditional spiritual religious rituals in many cultures. The enigma of turquoise has been continuing for ages and the beauty of the unique stone is timeless.

White Gold Turquoise Earrings

Those born in the month of December have turquoise stones as their birthstone. Turquoise stones are often associated with mystical powers. Turquoise is mined in countries like the United States, China and Tibet. Turquoise jewelry has been worn for ages and people believe that the stone brings luck. Popular belief states that turquoise jewelry brings wealth and is vital for love and happiness. The ancient Persians went to the extent of believing that it protects men from death. Many cultures believed that even the slightest change in the hue of the stone might not augur well for the owner of the turquoise jewelry. Turquoise also is an integral part of rituals in Tibetan and Native American spiritual ceremonies. Turquoise jewelry enhances spirituality and kindness, according to many cultures.

The enigmatic stone, turquoise is the product of a chemical reaction that happens when the water trickles through the rocks which have traces of copper and aluminum in them. The proportions of the minerals decide the color of the gemstone. The process encompasses millions of years. Porous in nature, turquoise in turquoise jewelry can be affected if it is not handled with care. Oils, perfumes, heat, cosmetics, chemicals, direct sunlight can alter the color tone of the stone.

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Turquoise is not only popular in making jewelry it is also sought after in the fields of art, religion and trade. The stones unlikely color makes it unique and desirable. The shades of the stone ranges from sky blue to green and the matrix can be non-existent or white and can have lighter shades to darker shades of black. Vividness and uniformity of the color are the properties that are the parameters to evaluate the value of the turquoise stones. Turquoise stones before being set in the turquoise jewelry undergo color-stabilization treatments. The treatment turns the pale stones into brighter ones. High quality turquoise used in turquoise jewelry is opaque in nature while the low quality turquoise stones are translucent in nature.

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Fake and reconstituted turquoise made of pulverized turquoise dust, pieces, resin, dye and bonding agents are available in the market. But they are easy to differentiate from the original turquoise. Turquoise jewelry can make any dress rim with vitality with its unique look. It gives a trendy and casual look. Turquoise is embedded in pieces of jewelry like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, belts, watches, etc. Turquoise is not only used to make turquoise jewelry, it is also used to make leather and metal watch bands. Turquoise leather and Concho belts are popular among the style aficionados. Charm, beaded, cuff, bangle, tennis bracelets made of turquoise gives a distinct elegant look. Pendants, hoops, set-stone rings and bands made of the stone enrich any outfit. The old world and mystical charm of the stone has haunted people for ages and will continue to do so…



  1. Karl
    Posted October 9, 2008 at 10:37 pm |

    Turquoise has a vivid color, making it ideally suited to color coordinate your jewelry with your outfit. Being a stone which comes in just about any color, something can be found to “set off” any wardrobe.

  2. Marta
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    Hi.These earings in the picture below look so lovely! Where can i purchase them?

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    Hi, Marta